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Big Bang (: — hover and click play to listen to HARU HARU.

annyeong ajussi & ajumma!

.about the site
I’m Jenny Luu [this site is named ailuu because in japanese ‘ai’ means love and ‘luu’ is my last name so combined together they make ailuu which means love luu. isn’t that awesome? i love my last name.] and I am almost always bored. So I decided to make this blog which has tips and videos and songs and basically just random things. I hope more people start to visit my website. This started out by me searching things and coming to this ‘big bang fansite’ ( their site inspired me to make my own site. Now I’m starting this site to put up tips and videos on music such as big bang’s 2nd album — REMEMBER — which came out on November 4th. This site is also going to have many pictures and such about my life and other peoples lives to show how cool we people are lmaoo. Anyways, other things I’ll put up are news about new things like awesome events to go to including anything at anywhere. However, my point is, this site is really awesome and cool and probably helpful. So please support me and spread the word to ‘yuhr home fries’ — tahahaa.
if you have any questions or comments ; comment me or talk to me in the meebo chat at the right of this post. if you just wanna talk to me and what not go right ahead (: no one is stopping you and if there is someone then they are retarded. kthx. get luud yet ?



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well i don’t really like wordpress because you can’t create your own layout and such so i switched to blogspot. however, blogspot has most of my recent feelings and so it’s in a way my own published diary. if you would call it that. anyway, i’ll be more on blogspot so catch me there :] but don’t let people like my boyfriend VINCENT LE get my blog. because then everything will go bad. my blog spot includes; PICTURES :] getting more pictures for it hehe, my personal PUBLISHED DIARY because i typed things in there that are kinda like me little secrets, most importantly it contains my CONTACTS except my cellphone number and address and stuff retards would put up, and it has MUSIC!!! KOREAN MUSIC! :D WOO no more silence while blogging. :] well anyway, if you would like to read my blog go to HTTP://JAYLUUXO.BLOGSPOT.COM and you’ll be good to go :] feel free take my music. if you would like me to add a different song please ask me on my aim : JAYLUUUUXO or if you have any suggestions. or if you just wanna talk then feel free. lol.


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.johnny cupcakes!

Today Johnny Cupcakes came to B.L.S. and gave a very long lecture about how his company started. From 2001 to this very day he became a very well know MULTI MILLIONAIRE!!! it started out from selling lemonade to prankster stuff to candy and finally he made a Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt as a joke. He got this idea from working at Newbury Comics and since his name was Johnny everyone would add an attachment to it; Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Cupcake, and etc. So he made this T-shirt and wore it to work; the customers there started to ask for a T-shirt of that also. That was when he started to make T-shirts and sell them. He made a lot of money and eventually quit the job. He also had to leave his band since he couldn’t have his company going on while being in a band. He wanted to put 110% on only one thing and not half and half on the band and his company. Now he is making loads of money every minute. How cool is that?
Well anyways, I GOT TO MEET HIM!!! (: , he signed my Johnny Cupcake T-shirts and my backpack. Meeting him was such an inspiration. Now I also want to start my own plans and make those ideas happen before someone else does. For now, I’m still a little kid so I’ll start small; selling candy, hand made jewelry, maybe even my own ideas; dolls, boxes, hats, etc. etc. etc. I’m full if ideas right now (: .


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.new years eve partyy!

woo! i got a new years eve party at my place. fields corner. from 5 to whenever you gotta leave. gotta bring $1 to get in and for food and drinks[alcohol]. so far whose going ; michelle, sonia, michael, viet, ricky, shelly, jane, jennifer, stephy, hien, phillip, thomas, andy, loc, edalina, victoria, anita, maggie, jim, paul, sam, and maybe carlton and maybe victor. who ever else wants to come can come.
other than the new years eve party i got a hair cut!!! woo, i have bangs again. literally i put my hair in a ponytail to my face and just cut it off. it only took 5 seconds or so. lmfaoo. but it looks good (: i’m satisfied. my new hair cut is in the photography gallery in the sidebar.
it’s snowinggggg! like 6 inches but that’s okay (: the snow will eventually stop and we have more than 5 hours for it to stop. i hope everyone can get here or else it’ll be boring… and plus, whose gonna finish the drinks? yah, exactly!
pictures for the party will be posted after the party (: you know i’m a camera whore and so are someee of my people // friends // blah . so yeaaah. wooo! PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYY! .

7th luute

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.christmas presents!

ohh mannn, it’s been so long since i’ve posted anything up. it’s been about 20 or more days! anyways— about christmas presents. if you’re badly broke or just don’t wanna use money to give your friends christmas presents then make them. but if you’re lazy to make a present for your friend then just buy them something. so far i’ve completed my present’s for people list and so you should make your own list to keep track of your friends otherwise you might forget to get them something. then when they get you something you’ll feel baddd. try to find something you know they’ll like and try to find something inexpensiveee. if it’s like $90 then try to get your other friends to chip in so then that’ll be like a group present. here is a list for my peopleee ;

michelle n : [she might check this so i’m not going to put it up yet. NO PEEKING!] all you need to know is it is HUGE and worth over $20 but if i add the other thing i was gonna add then it’ll be over $60, so BE HAPPY YOU WHOREFYED UHMUHNI.
quynh n : [i definitely know you check my site so i’m not putting it on here until after you get your present.] but you might have to wait a while o_o ask henry for it (: because i’m chipping in for it [$15].
henry n // jim h // viet v // ricky p // victor v : handmade dollie with a pee pee on it to symbolize it is a guy. LOL.
flora l : handmade edibles! [i’m not going to say what it is made out of because you might check this site lol.]
EDALINA W : your christmas / birthday present is a diamond necklace. (: happy birthdayyy!
all other girls : a pretty silver necklace, or a cute handmade dollie by jenny luu (:.

when you get a christmas present it should be wrapped. so, just to piss off your friend, wrap it like 10 times so that they’ll be like wtf? why so much wrapping?!?! lol.

6th luute

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If you’re gonna host an alcohol party at your house. DO NOT GET YOURSELF DRUNK. when hosting an alcohol party, of course food and drinks ain’t free; make everyone pay an admission of at least 3 dollars since there will be a bunch of people. if your asian; ASIAN HOUSE BITCH TAKE OFF YOUR DAMNED SHOES!make signs for guests to follow. label the places that they can go in. especially label your parents room “KEEP OUT; PARENTS ROOM” and in the bathroom “PLEASE PISS INSIDE THE TOILET“. don’t let the guests go wherever they want around the house. keep them in one room, mainly the living room. But if you keep them in one room clear out everything especially of there’s a table in the middle of the room or anything glass and if you have a carpet then don’t even bother throwing an alcohol party.

get some snacks out and some soda or better yet, mix soda with sorbet. it tastes madddly good. when the guests arrive ask them for their coat and put them in your room and lock it with a key so that no one goes in. and if your guest asks for you to keep their electronics with you until they go home, put it in your room and label it with a sticky with their name on it. that way you don’t get confused. have at least 3 trash cans out and some boxes for the empty cans to be recycled. NOW MUSICCC ; here are some suggestions:

  1. CALABRIA ————— Enur ft. Natasja
  2. SATISFACTION ———– Benny Banassi
  3. WOMANIZER ————- Britney Spears
  4. GET UP —————– Ciara
  5. DAMAGED ————– Danity Kane
  6. FEELIN’ MYSELF ———– Dolla
  7. LOUDMOUTH ———— Dolla
  8. WHO THE FUCK IS THAT —- Dolla
  9. IN THE AYER ————- Flo Rida Ft. Will.I.Am and Fergie
  10. FEEDBACK ————— Janet Jackson
  11. I KISSED A GIRL [REMIX] —– Katy perry and MIMS
  12. SHAKE YOUR POM POM —– Missy Elliott
  13. SHOW ME THE MONEY —— Petey Pablo
  14. IM A ROCKSTAR ———– Prima J
  15. I WISH —————— Punk Goes Crunk
  16. SNEAKERNIGHT ———– Vanessa Hudgens
  18. KEEPS GETTING BETTER —– Christina Aguilera
  19. ELAVATOR ————— Flo Rida Ft. Timbaland

Well I don’t know what else there is to throwing an alcohol party so if there is more then i’ll add it here. kthx.

OH AND P.S.: DON’T LET ANY OF YOUR GUESTS GET ALONE. its not nice to see the results after they’re done.


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.happy spanksgiving!

! clickkk ittt !

*–ITS THANKSGIVING! go out with your family and eat at the buffet or stay home and make homemade meals! [they taste better anyway]. so go out with your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and do something. go shopping too, everything’s on SALE! GOOOOO.

5th Luute

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.winter timeee!

I haven’t logged on in a pretty long while so heres the deal; IT IS WINTERRR!

go get yourself a nice jacket and some BOOTS! get what everyone has — UGGS or other boots; most preferably ones that reach your knees.

Then get yourself some STOCKINGS or LEG WARMERSstriped or plain is the best but if you could pull off the other kinds then go ahead. I’d say go with the black stockings. if you get leg warmers you could also put them on your arms to keep your arms warm and it looks pretty illll.

Everyone should already have skinny jeans if not go get themmm other wise your legs will be suffocated in those boots.

like in my other tip go to FROG POND! , go out and get yourself something hot to drink like soup, HOT CHOCOLATE, a cup of sweet coffee, or warm milk with cereal (:

get your fries over to your place and have a few movies out to enjoy for a couple of hours, or maybe even throw a little party at your place and blast up the music. if you watch a movie the best movie this week is of course no doubt TWILIGHT! and one of the songs from the movie is, i think, SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE by MUSE.

with all that spare time you should call up your fries and DO SOMETHING.